Zetup signs long-term strategic IT contract with Orio


Orio AB and Zetup AB are signing a new long-term IT contract. Worth over SEK 55 million, the contract will run for five years and will see Zetup entrusted with delivering strategic infrastructure and application services to Orio. The partnership will be a strategic element in Orio’s continued development.

Orio and Zetup have been working together since 2012 and, since breaking away from former owner Saab Automobile (General Motors), it has been an intense journey. Orio set high demands in terms of rapid changes and adaptations to meet the needs of the new business.

“Since 2012, together with Zetup, we’ve been working our way through an intense period of major changes and challenges in all of our IT operations,” says Leif Karlsson, CIO of Orio AB. “Our work has resulted in major cost savings and improved efficiency for our business. Zetup has been an important partner in this journey and we’re now signing a new long-term strategic agreement with them on the back of that.”

“For us at Zetup, the partnership with Orio has been crucial. We’ve faced major challenges, prompting a need for speed, efficiency and cost savings, and that’s what our focus is all about. We’re now looking forward to contributing towards Orio’s future development,” says Zetup AB CEO Mats Franzén.

For more information, please contact:
Mats Franzén, VD, Zetup AB, phone +46 (0) 704-47 29 09
Leif Karlsson, CIO, Orio AB, phone +46 (0) 155-24 48 98

About Zetup
Zetup is a total supplier in IT with a focus on improving efficiency. Looking at clients’ IT with an approach that takes into account the technology, the processes and the human aspects improves the efficiency of their entire business. Zetup’s work revolves around methods that build on many years of combined experience and a unique passion for the field. Delivery takes the form of improvement plans, product and process solutions, operation or specialist expertise. Founded in Sweden in 1986, Zetup became an independent company in 2007 and today has more than 90 employees in its offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Trollhättan.

Om Orio
Orio is a global spares and logistics company with a strong innovative spirit. Our smart and competitive solutions include world-class logistics and engineering expertise. As the sole distributor of Saab Original spare parts, we will continue to support and provide Saab Service Centers with reliable service and know-how – just as we have for almost 70 years.

Our roots in the automotive industry, after sales and spare parts date back to 1947 and we have been responsible for Saab Automobiles’ spares since the 1960s. On 13 November 2013 the company changed its name from Saab Automobile Parts AB to Orio AB. We have subsidiaries in the USA and Europe. Our head office is in Nyköping and we have a branch office in Trollhättan. In total we have about 280 employees in and outside Sweden. In 2015 we had a turnover of SEK 935 million via sales to more than 60 markets.