Zetup separates the complex IT infrastructures of Saab Parts and Saab Automobile AB


Zetup has been tasked with detaching Saab Parts’ IT infrastructure from Saab Automobile AB’s and ensuring that the IT infrastructure runs smoothly at the new Nevs-owned car firm.

 “The task is to make Saab Parts independently viable with its own IT infrastructure, and at the same time uncouple the Saab systems from GM’s network,” explains Mats Franzén, CEO of Zetup.

 GM wants Saab gone from GM’s network before the end of 2012. Zetup has also taken over the operation of all Saab’s existing networks (Saab Automobile + Saab Parts) from their previous supplier, HP.

 “It requires a great deal of logical thinking on our part, and we always have to take account of historical issues from the GM time,” says Mats Franzén. “Everything will be happening in parallel, since we can’t shut down the old system before the new one is in place. It’s not just a case of severing all ties at once.”

 In March 2011, Saab Automobile AB signed a five-year agreement to make Zetup AB the company’s total supplier of IT. This marked the reinstatement of an almost 15 year-old relationship between the two parties, which began back in the late 1990s. Now Zetup is taking on the IT in the new constellations.

 “Zetup’s speed has been an incredibly important asset in this complex project. They’ve also resolutely backed us throughout this rather protracted process,” says Leif Karlsson, CIO at Saab Automobile Parts AB.


For further information, please contact:

Mats Franzén, CEO, Zetup AB, phone +46 (0)704-47 29 09

Leif Karlsson, CIO, Saab Automobile Parts AB, phone +46 (0)155-24 48 98