Zetup named Super Company and Gazelle Company


Zetup has certainly been top of its game over the past four years in terms of sales growth, profitability, financing and efficiency. It is also one of the most rapidly growing companies in Sweden. Performance on this level has resulted in two accolades – Superföretag (Super Company) 2014 and Gasellföretag (Gazelle Company) 2014. This is the second and third time respectively that Zetup has received these prestigious awards.

Mats Franzén, President of Zetup, explains: “The reason why we have received these awards is that we have returned a level of growth and profitability that few companies are capable of matching. Having said that, a good financial return is never our sole objective. The focus is firmly on the outcome for our customers. A satisfied customer always takes priority over money. This could very well be our recipe for success.”

Superföretagen (Super companies) are ranked by the business journal Veckans Affärer and the business intelligence provider Bisnode. This year will be the tenth year that they have reviewed the 370,000 limited companies in Sweden. Of all these companies, just 442 have made it onto the 2014 Super Company list.

Gasellföretagen (Gazelle companies), which have been named for the fifth year in succession by Swedish business daily Dagens Industri, are the most rapidly growing and most profitable companies in Sweden. A gazelle company satisfies a number of strict criteria based on its four most recent annual reports. Each year, less than 0.5 per cent of all limited companies in Sweden are designated Gazelle companies.

Zetup has received the two awards previously, Gasellföretag 2013 and 2011 and Superföretag 2013.
Mats Franzén continues: “We work methodically to achieve our long-term objectives and we prioritise good control. With this in mind it’s really quite logical that we have appeared in the lists again this year. The responsibility and commitment of the staff is a further critical success factor. I wouldn’t be surprised if we appear in one or both lists again next year.”

Read more about Super Companies at http://www.bisnode.com/superforetagen/
Read more about Gazelle Companies at http://dagensindustri.se/gasell

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