Zetup enables municipalities to develop


As an IT partner, Zetup enables municipalities to develop in the digital age thanks to a structured way of exchanging experiences.

There is a rapid move towards new digital services underway in all sectors, and it is essential for local government to have a solid, effective and professional IT structure in place every step of the way.

The aim of this collaboration with municipalities is to exchange experiences, cut costs, boost skills and increase quality and efficiency in municipalities’ IT services. The parties to the collaboration agreement are Lerum, Partille and Upplands-Bro municipalities, with Zetup as the IT supplier.

Zetup has now run several collaboration days, bringing the municipalities together to share their development journey and what they have learned, with experience from Zetup added to the mix. The agenda so far has included discussion of standardised client platforms, Azure, Office365, future digitalisation, IT security and certification and incident processes.

Those attending from the municipalities are the respective heads of IT and managers in the IT department, plus speakers from Zetup who are experts in the relevant areas.

The agreement and the collaboration days are set to continue, currently with two meetings a year, with the format of the meetings and their agenda adapted to suit the needs, challenges and prevailing situation at the time.

“The greatest added value comes from discussing the development issues that all of us face. After all, we are largely in the same boat in terms of IT and the meetings consistently deliver a good discussion and good topics. It sets me up for my work as a client”, Daniel Nettby, head of IT, Lerum municipality.

“The collaboration days run by our supplier enable us to swap experiences and find opportunities to work together. We can also compare how we work with our shared operational and development supplier openly and transparently”, Per Wikström, head of IT, Partille municipality.

“We see great value in working together and discussing relevant topics and areas. It helps to make IT delivery to our operations more efficient. Conversation and openness encourage development”, Johan Hedberg, head of IT, Upplands-Bro municipality.

“The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen the work of the municipalities on IT – through our IMPROVE IT concept – and so offer greater quality for operations and the users of IT services. This collaboration also creates positive economic impacts as the municipalities can benefit from each other’s experiences and investments, which is better for their finances”, Mats Franzen, CEO Zetup AB.


For further information, please contact:
Mats Franzén, CEO, Zetup AB, tel 0704-47 29 09, mats.franzen@zetup.se
Pål Junhamn, Vice President, Zetup AB, +46 (0) 704-47 28 02, pal.junhamn@zetup.se


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