Secure identities


Smart solutions with absolute precision are required to develop an IT infrastructure that safeguards identities and prevents information leaks. For a local authority this is critical. The consequences could be disastrous if a salary slip fell into the wrong hands, a student received another student’s grades or the wrong medical diagnosis was sent.

Zetup has been commissioned by its client Upplands-Bro Municipal Authority to put such a system in place. The undertaking involves familiarisation with every single detail, analysing the situation meticulously and tailoring the authority’s IT infrastructure to ensure safe, automated life cycle management of all electronic identities. This type of system is known as Identity and Access Management (IAM).

The remit also includes improving administrative efficiency and reducing time loss in the organisation. At Zetup this is self-evident. We focus consistently on finding smart IT solutions that offer a positive outcome for the entire organisation. By automating the Upplands-Bro Municipal Authority account handling system, and in doing so minimising the risk of human error, substantial amounts of valuable time can be freed up. Time that can be devoted to making improvements within the authority.