PRC Engineering and Zetup sign long-term contract


PRC Engineering and Zetup AB have signed a long-term agreement for the operation, support and development of PRC’s IT platform. Through this collaboration, PRC will purchase a full-service solution from Zetup under the clear objective of streamlining and improving the IT environment for PRC’s business.

The existing IT platform at PRC will also need to be developed so that PRC can continue the expansions it has made in recent years. PRC has therefore decided to take a holistic approach to its IT environment. Following an extensive review of suppliers on the market, the choice fell on Zetup. The contract entrusts Zetup as full-service provider within central IT infrastructure, which comprises the majority of Zetup’s services, and the environment will affect three of Zetup’s data halls.

The contract commenced in November 2013 with the takeover of operations and support for the existing environment. Concurrently with this, the environment is being gradually moved over to Zetup’s hosting environments to create a secure, reliable and cost-effective environment for PRC’s operations.

Zetup has experience delivering IT solutions to companies and organizations such as Orio (former Saab Automobile Parts), Pagero, and the Greater Stockholm Fire Brigade – all with excellent results.

– After a long procurement process, we were pleased to finally award the contract to an excellent IT partner with experience in our business. We are confident that Zetup can provide the IT environment that our business needs,” says Peter Bräck, CEO of PRC Engineering AB.

– PRC is in the midst of a journey of change, expansion and great future potential. It is an ideal climate for Zetup to be involved in. We love helping our customers achieve their business goals,” says Mats Franzén, President of Zetup AB.