Orio and Zetup have developed a unique digital solution for dealing with returns


Developing smart customer solutions for digital platforms is an important element in Orio AB’s long-term business strategy. Together with Zetup AB, the company’s main IT supplier, Orio has taken yet another important digital step with the development of a unique interface for handling returns, praised by advocates in the industry.

Adding a new digital solution for dealing with returns to the company’s e-commerce portal brings major efficiency and quality benefits for Orio’s customers. The solution was developed in partnership between Orio and Zetup, the company’s main IT supplier. Advocates in e-commerce and logistics see the new returns handling solution as an industry leader, thanks to its simplicity and user-efficiency. The new solution will now be rolled out to about 10 markets across the world.

“The project has involved extensive design work and complex requirements, including integration with existing business systems. Our close partnership with Zetup was the key to rapid progress. The way Zetup understands our business logic and their capacity to translate this to the new digital platform and its underlying technology is one of the main reasons why it succeeded so well. This digitalisation is vital to our continued success,” says Leif Karlsson, CIO, Orio.

“We are very proud to be part of Orio’s transition to digital platforms, in which the new solution is yet another important step. The faith that the highly expert and experienced client group in IS/IT at Orio placed in us meant we were on solid ground from the start and enabled the project to be completed in such a short space of time. Improving the efficiency of previously time-consuming procedures for handling returns, befitting a modern, digital solution, creates exactly the efficiency and quality improvements that Zetup strives to attain in working with our customers. We call it Improve IT,” says Mats Franzen, Zetup CEO.


For more information, please contact:
Mats Franzén, CEO Zetup AB, +46 (0) 704-47 29 09, mats.franzen@zetup.se
Leif Karlsson, CIO, Orio AB, +46 (0) 155- 24 48 98, leif.karlsson@orio.com


Om Zetup AB

Zetup is a full-service IT provider with a focus on efficiency enhancement. Looking at clients’ IT with an approach that takes into account the technology, the processes and the human aspects improves the efficiency of their entire business. Zetup’s work revolves around methods that build on many years of combined experience and a unique passion for the field. Delivery takes the form of improvement plans, product and process solutions, operation or specialist expertise. Founded in Sweden in 1986, Zetup became an independent company in 2007 and today has more than 90 employees in its offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Trollhättan.

About Orio AB

Orio is responsible for stock management, sales and distribution of Saab Original spare parts and accessories to all authorised Saab Service Centers and Saab Parts Centers across the globe. The company is wholly owned by the Swedish state and changed its name from Saab Automobile Parts AB to Orio AB in 2013. At the same time, Orio’s operations were expanded to cover additional makes of car. Orio employs about 270 people in Sweden and its head office is in Nyköping. It has subsidiaries in ten main markets in Europe and the US. In total approximately 70 000 items are kept in stock at Orio’s main warehouse, which spans over 73 000 square metres. Orio also provides logistics and distribution services to third parties. www.orio.com