New home – new energy


Zetup is in a flurry of excitement and anticipation these days. The reason for this is that on 3 March, we moved into large new premises at Miraallén 4 in Lindholmen, right by Sannegårdshamnen harbour. It’s only 800 metres west of our old offices, so we’re still in the heart of the most knowledge-intensive and expansive district of Gothenburg.

We’ve gone from 20 to 70 employees since we launched in 2007, an expansion of 350 percent, so we’re not exaggerating when we say we’d outgrown our old address. But as always when moving, it’s important to find the perfect place, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

plan areas for work and socializing are coupled with creative meeting rooms and private refuges for deep concentration at critical points.

The fact that on fine spring and summer days we can enjoy the proximity to the harbourside, and even get here by boat, are added bonuses appreciated by staff and clients alike.

Come and see us in our new home!