NEVS signs an extended contract with Zetup


NEVS, National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, in Trollhättan has signed a new extended contract with Zetup for the continued provision of IT services. Zetup has had a comprehensive contract with NEVS for infrastructure services since 2013. NEVS recently elected to extend this contract with the option of up to six years.

Zetup has previously carried out assignments for Saab Automobile and GM. NEVS acquired the main assets of Saab Automobile in 2012, and has managed operations in Trollhättan with Zetup as an IT partner since then. A couple of years ago, NEVS unveiled its plans for a first electric car, which is to be launched in China. The company is also working on brand new models in Trollhättan, based on the Phoenix platform, which NEVS has developed into an electric car platform.

“Zetup has played an important role in the adaptation and development of our business. The experience Zetup has built up through decades of work in the automotive industry provides the security and stability we need to be able to focus on our projects and the future of NEVS,” says Conny Janson, Vice President, IT/IS, NEVS.

As a result of Zetup’s cooperation with Saab Automobile, GM and now NEVS, the company’s employees have accumulated a wealth of market-leading expertise in respect of the complex IT environments that characterise operations in the automotive segment. This experience has also been instrumental in the development of Zetup as a company. Today, Zetup is a full service IT supplier with a focus on efficiency, and many of its customers share a dependency on efficient IT infrastructures. The company has more than 90 employees at offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Trollhättan.

“The continued cooperation will present us with stimulating new challenges, as NEVS has a highly innovative and exciting business plan for the future. Our job to date has been to optimise NEVS’ previous IT infrastructure. Over the next few years, a further development of this is to be realised, and we are delighted that NEVS has continued to show its confidence in us helping with this development. This close cooperation means a lot to us, and it has an added dimension as our employees are also deeply committed to environmental issues and have a keen interest in the development of new electric car concepts,” says Mats Franzén, CEO of Zetup at the headquarters in Gothenburg.


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CEO Mats Franzén, Zetup AB, +46 (0)704-47 29 09,

About Zetup

Zetup is a full-service IT provider with a focus on efficiency enhancement. Looking at clients’ IT with an approach that takes into account the technology, the processes and the human aspects improves the efficiency of their entire business. Zetup’s work revolves around methods that build on many years of combined experience and a unique passion for the field. Delivery takes the form of improvement plans, product and process solutions, operation or specialist expertise. Founded in Sweden in 1986, Zetup became an independent company in 2007 and today has more than 90 employees in its offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Trollhättan.

About NEVS

NEVS’ vision is to shape mobility for a more sustainable future. At the core of this is a global portfolio of electric cars in the premium segment, supplemented by mobility services and sustainable urban solutions. Founded in 2012, NEVS acquired the main assets of the Saab Automobile bankruptcy estates. The company is owned by National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd, Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area (THT) and State Research Information Technology Co, Ltd (SRIT). NEVS’ headquarters and research and development centre are situated in Trollhättan, Sweden. NEVS’ vehicle production facility is located in Trollhättan, with a second production plant and a research and development centre under construction in Tianjin, China, as well as a production plant in Fujian, China.