Our IT Partners

We offer innovative thinking and analyses, but in order to fulfil our pledge we need reliable partners who can provide the technology we need. We choose our partners with great care:

Volvo IT

We have partnered Volvo IT for some years in the selling of operational services to the market outside the Volvo sphere. Zetup also assists in the operation and development of Volvo IT’s standard services.


We have partnered IBM since we were formed in 1986. Today we collaborate within hardware and software. Tivoli Storage Manager is a vital product family for many of our clients. We also partner IBM within hardware with the emphasis on UNIX and storage.

Sun / Oracle

We have partnered Sun/Oracle since 1996. We are currently working together on innovative solutions within data storage and UNIX.


Our partnership with Microsoft is a vital component in our work. Microsoft holds a leading position and many of our clients have chosen ’Microsoft’s solutions as the strategic platform for their IT infrastructure.


Linux and Opensource are components that can contribute to the streamlining we strive to introduce in our work. Today we collaborate with RedHat mainly in the Linux area and have experience of everything from computing/HPC clusters to large, complex server environments and HA clusters for business systems like SAP. Within Opensource we work with several of the most popular products in the infrastructure area, such as SuSE, Ubuntu, Postgres, MySQL, JBOSS and Apache/Tomcat.Apache/Tomcat.


Virtualisation plays a large part in the streamlining of IT infrastructures today. By maximising the utilisation of existing investments and by improving accessibility through, for example, redundancy. Within virtualisation we collaborate chiefly with VMware, but also work with Sun’s, IBM’s and RedHat’s own virtualisation engines in the UNIX/Linux area.


We have worked with NetApp for many years and feel at home with their storage solutions. We use NetApp in our own hosting environment and in our client solutions.


We use several Citrix products strategically for applications and server virtualisation (XenApp och XenServer). Citrix works exceptionally well in our solutions so we use them in our own hosting environment as well as for our clients.