Cloud services

Zetup’s cloud services are delivered in the form of smart, secure components. A virtual server, a database and storage using Zetup’s data centres are good examples. The services are based on a simple, clear pricing model, which means that as a customer you can always calculate upcoming costs. Our cloud services are in a constant state of development. Enhanced efficiency – reflected in improved functionality, accessibility and reduced expenditure – is of immediate and direct benefit to customers.

Zetup’s cloud services are built for critical applications. All components derive from known and approved suppliers. They have been carefully selected for maximum accessibility and are extremely cost effective. We provide our services from fully redundant data centres and central hardware is also fully redundant to maximise accessibility and minimise the number of service windows affecting the customer. At the risk of boasting, we have not had one single unplanned disruption since our first data centre came into being in 2001. Further evidence of our stability is that over the years we have had highly satisfied customers with exceedingly strict security and accessibility stipulations. These include in particular companies and organisations that have been operating in compliance with the stringent Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) IT security regulations.

There is also the option of combining our cloud services with services from Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 or other Zetup partners.

It is of course possible to link up Zetup’s monitoring and management systems to handle the whole or parts of the environment.

Cloud delivery from Zetup means

  • infrastructure services that offer exceptional quality and security
  • a fully flexible and open pricing model, where volume and service level govern the cost
  • monitoring and operation day and night, all year round
  • an unceasing ambition to improve and enhance efficiency
  • guaranteed, cost-effective delivery

Do you want to know more?

Sometimes it is difficult as a customer to decide what a provider is really like. We also know that many other companies try to present their services and the way they deliver in the same way that we do. Our advice is: Feel free to check with our customers. Allow them to explain what it is that makes Zetup so unique and highly rated.

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