Application management

Efficient, secure application management can be crucial to a company’s success. Zetup offers a complete application management undertaking with a genuine focus on the customer’s operations.

Our formula is to immerse ourselves fully in the customer’s operations – not just in the technology. This means that we can deploy our application management know-how to support the customer’s operations effectively. Zetup has long experience of operating and management systems and applications from providers such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP. But we also have unique expertise when it comes to handling complex applications developed in-house. This work is consistently in line with tried and tested processes and our customers include companies with rigorous security and accessibility stipulations.

Zetup ensures that the requisite competence is on hand at all times. Not just for management but also as part of the change and efficiency enhancement processes.

Application management from Zetup means

  • guaranteed accessibility for critical applications
  • the customer can focus exclusively on its core operations
  • world-class user support and delivery coordination
  • a tried and tested management model with clear, long-term planning
  • monitoring and operation day and night, all year round
  • the opportunity to incorporate Zetup’s underlying services, such as infrastructure components
  • an unceasing ambition to improve and enhance efficiency
  • guaranteed, cost-effective delivery

Do you want to know more?

Sometimes it is difficult as a customer to decide what a provider is really like. We also know that many other companies try to present their services and the way they deliver in the same way that we do. Our advice is: Feel free to check with our customers. Allow them to explain what it is that makes Zetup so unique and highly rated.

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