Your journey could be so much better


The SJ 2000 express train is the ideal choice for the smart business traveller. The journey time between Sweden’s two biggest cities is just three hours, during which you can work effectively, eat well and relax in between.

But now it’s getting even better. From 26 August to 22 September, Zetup has taken over a few seats and upgraded them to an even higher standard. 60 people will now be able to enjoy a more comfortable seat, better refreshments and a great gift to take home.

Zetup is passionate about improving our clients’ business through precise and effective IT. We go the extra mile to ensure things are so much better when you take us on. Our existing clients already know this, but we want more people to experience what we do. So to convey our ambition in a way you might appreciate, we’ve worked on improving the train journey between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Doing business with Zetup is, of course, always a pleasure, but the main focus is on smarter structures, better profitability and more time for your business – working with us makes things so much better.