Greencarrier signs an extended contract with Zetup


Greencarrier AB in Gothenburg has signed an extended contract with Zetup for continued provision of services and partnership in IT. It was during 2014 that Greencarrier selected Zetup as a strategic partner for business-critical IT on a global level. Since then, Zetup has had overall responsibility for providing a secure and cost-effective IT infrastructure for Greencarrier’s 800 users around the world. The extended contract that has just been signed means that the partnership will continue for a further 24 months.

Business-related IT support and effective communication within the Group are critical for ensuring that Greencarrier is able to offer a high level of customer service and develop efficient internal processes. Since 2014, Zetup has had responsibility for both the operation of the IT infrastructure and the further development of the Group’s IT platform.

In connection with the extension of the partnership, a number of projects have been initiated to further optimise and streamline the IT infrastructure. One of the objectives is to enable Greencarrier to use Zetup’s service portfolio to an even great extent while legacy parts of the Group’s IT environment are phased out. To ensure the best conditions for effective coordination and simplified provision of services by Zetup, the number of external suppliers will also be reduced.

“The partnership we started with Zetup in 2014 was an important step towards ensuring reliable and cost-efficient IT services to support day-to-day business and our growth. The partnership has been successful, so it makes sense for us to continue to put our trust in Zetup”, says Simon Hellmuth, Group IT Manager at Greencarrier.

The global provision of IT services for the users in all Greencarrier’s offices will, as before, be handled by Zetup’s Service Desk. As well as the new agreement, the work involving a number of improvement projects around the central infrastructure and the introduction of additional cloud services will also continue. Zetup will also have responsibility for a comprehensive remodelling of the IT environment at Greencarrier’s offices in China.

“Of course we are pleased that Greencarrier is continuing to place its trust in us while also expanding the collaboration. At Zetup we have a clear ambition to establish close partnerships with customers who operate internationally. We have all the skills and resources required to be a strong IT partner for global companies such as Greencarrier, where stringent requirements are placed on an efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure”, says Zetup’s CEO Mats Franzén.


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Mats Franzén, CEO Zetup AB, +46 (0)704-47 29 09,

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Zetup is a full-service IT provider with a focus on efficiency enhancement. Looking at clients’ IT with an approach that takes into account the technology, the processes and the human aspects improves the efficiency of their entire business. Zetup’s work revolves around methods that build on many years of combined experience and a unique passion for the field. Delivery takes the form of improvement plans, product and process solutions, operation or specialist expertise. Founded in Sweden in 1986, Zetup became an independent company in 2007 and today has more than 90 employees in its offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Trollhättan.

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We are a team of 800 employees in 13 countries that operate in two business areas: Greencarrier Liner Agency and Greencarrier Freight Services.
From our offices in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China, we can offer global transport solutions.
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