Fresh inspiration – motivated team – smart solutions!


At the end of March the whole of the Zetup team travelled to Hemsedal in Norway for a spring conference. They returned enthused, brimming with renewed energy, and with an immense desire to find smart solutions for our customers.

The conference was a festive continuation of what has proved to be an ongoing discussion and the relentless endeavour to surpass ourselves and take the company to a new level. Whilst each of us is driven by a strong desire to improve our customers’ IT, we would be nothing without the team.

We all possess different skills and personalities and to make optimal use of them in our customer projects we are constantly on the lookout for ways to have fun together. Not only does it give us the chance to get know each other better, it is also an excellent opportunity to sit down and discuss key issues that will drive Zetup forward.

A specific focal point was the Zetup 160606 business objectives. The principal objective is to refine what we already are and what we have achieved. This was reinforced by producing six different T-shirts printed with guidelines for the future in graffiti style. Mugs and posters display the same message, transforming the entire office into an art exhibition. An excellent way of reminding ourselves of the invaluable discussions that took place in Hemsedal and the infusion of energy that is constantly required if we are to do a first-rate job for our customers.