Upplands-Bro Municipality

Upplands-Bro Municipality embarked on an offensive IT shake-up in 2012/2013, with Zetup as total supplier of the municipality’s central IT infrastructure. The aim of this was to become one of the country’s leading municipalities in the use of IT as a tool for benefiting citizens and students, and to provide support for employees in the municipality’s various operations. Rapid digitalisation and increasing use of cloud services made the need for a new structure for IAM – Identity Access Management – more urgent. With Zetup’s help, the municipality has obtained an identity and access solution that saves both time and money.

Identity and access solution ensuring Upplands-Bro Municipality an automated and secure digital environment

Upplands-Bro’s offensive IT shake-up started while the municipality was facing major changes, with the IT environments at several of the municipality’s operations being integrated. Aims included increasing efficiency in the municipality, improving availability, making a great municipal service even better and ensuring preparedness for rapid change.

There was also a need for efficiency in parts of the municipality’s IT infrastructure. One such area was the municipality’s system for managing user accounts. The need to register the same information several times in different systems was time-consuming, and there was a risk of incorrect data entry. Only the municipality’s student accounts were connected to the population register; staff accounts had to be updated manually in the event of name and address changes.

”We wanted to find a way of increasing security while also making things easier and ensuring uniform account management when opening, managing and closing accounts. With the knowledge that Zetup has managed to gain of our current environment, and bearing in mind how well previous projects have gone, it was only natural that our close collaboration would also be extended to this project“, says Johan Hedberg, IT Manager for Upplands-Bro.

Modern, efficient and simplified administration

Work on finding a new structure for identity and access management started with the project group conducting a preliminary study involving visits to nearby municipalities with experience of similar projects. Meetings were also held with Upplands-Bro’s system administrator and HR department for analysis of work procedures, processes and quality requirements. Zetup then started on project planning together with the appropriate municipality staff.

”We used our project methodology as a basis when we developed the technical platform together with the municipality and several external system suppliers. The investigation carried out showed that the municipality’s existing systems could be further developed to meet the project’s requirements. For the municipality, this means savings in terms of both time and money“, says Anette Vejdegren, Account Manager at Zetup.

The municipality’s steering committee making quick decisions as they were informed ensured no interruptions to the project. As well as the project having to be carried out efficiently, there were stringent requirements for handling personal data, permissions and accounts, and the life-cycle management had to satisfy the municipality’s security and quality requirements.

”The project has led to us now having modern, efficient and simplified administration with automated account management. We have also achieved synchronisation between our HR system and the population register, which ensures accurate and up-to-date information“, explains Johan Hedberg.