Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economical and Regional Growth) is a government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, with around 400 employees at 9 offices across Sweden – from Arjeplog in the north to Malmö in the south. Zetup has been responsible for Tillväxtverket’s entire central IT environment since spring 2016. This responsibility includes running 180 servers, plus storage and backup. The infrastructure is supplied as cloud services from Zetup’s data centres.

Secure, flexible and scalable IT environment for Tillväxtverket

Tillväxtverket’s mission is to promote sustainable business development and implement Structural Fund programmes. The agency’s biggest single task is to help ensure that EU funds are invested in projects that promote regional growth and employment.

Tillväxtverket has made major changes to its IT environment in recent years. A stable and secure IT system is crucial for achieving its operational objectives, and IT investments are being made in five strategic areas, in line with a new IT strategy. One of these areas is a stable infrastructure.

For many years, Tillväxtverket ran all of its IT environments in-house. Under the new IT strategy, however, the decision was taken a couple years ago to outsource IT operations and move all the infrastructure from Tillväxtverket to an external IT partner. Zetup was awarded the contract and, with just a few months to complete it, the transfer began in the last quarter of 2015.

”The challenges included a tough schedule and the requirement that the infrastructure transfer should be completed without any disruptions to Tillväxtverket’s operations. Based on our previous experience of similar projects, we were able to work together to find a suitable model to ensure smooth implementation, and we kept within the schedule by a wide margin“, says Erik Björndell, Delivery Manager for Tillväxtverket at Zetup.

Collaboration continues with consolidation programme

The server migration was performed in phases. To test the migration strategy that had been agreed with Tillväxtverket, the servers with less critical applications were tackled first. This allowed for the refinement and optimisation of the working methods for the two following phases, which involved increasingly business-critical servers. A total of 180 virtual servers were moved to Zetup, along with firewalls and network solutions for external communication.

”We knew it would be a demanding outsourcing project and it was therefore vital that we chose an experienced supplier with a deep understanding of critical and complex IT environments, and one that is also flexible and has the capacity to adapt its working methods and solutions to our needs and operational demands. Zetup has been exemplary in meeting those demands. We value the commitment they have shown and their understanding of our requirements,”, says Fredrik Svanberg, IT Manager at Tillväxtverket.

Tillväxtverket now has an unchanged server environment, but one that is housed in a significantly more flexible infrastructure, with higher availability and performance. Zetup has also implemented monitoring and operational procedures to provide a stable platform for Tillväxtverket’s future development and needs. Erik Björndell reports that the collaboration is set to continue with new products in 2017.

”We’re now entering an exciting new phase, with a consolidation programme aimed at helping Tillväxtverket to make its IT environment even more efficient and cut IT costs, via various projects.”