China Euro Vehicle Technology AB in Gothenburg (CEVT) is a subsidiary of the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, which owns Volvo Cars and the automotive manufacturer Geely Auto. CEVT is a development company that has enjoyed a blistering growth rate since it began in 2013. Initially tasked with working on the platform for smaller Volvo and Geely cars, its remit now encompasses whole vehicles. With its engineers and developers demanding more from the IT platform and IT support, CEVT chose to outsource its IT operations and development to Zetup.

Total responsibility for IT platform for rapidly growing CEVT

When CEVT was established in 2013, the idea was that it would employ around 150 people in Gothenburg. However, the move into developing whole cars has prompted meteoric expansion. Today, CEVT has over 2,000 engineers, developers and technicians working on every element of car development – from overall architecture to transmission, powertrain and chassis, plus the vehicle’s visual design. In 2016 alone, CEVT had a development budget of over SEK 3 billion.

The broadening scope of CEVT’s work placed greater demands on the IT platform for technical development work. Despite the intensive work of the IT department, achieving a sufficiently dynamic and stable IT environment that met the company’s needs was difficult. After exhaustive analysis, the decision was taken to let Zetup handle the operation and development of the IT platform. Zetup’s long-standing experience of development environments in the automotive industry was a major factor in CEVT’s choice of IT partner.

A stable and scalable IT platform ready for continued growt

There is a huge challenge in developing an existing IT platform designed for the demands of a more limited business, so that it can meet the needs of a much more extensive development environment. But Zetup loves a challenge. Ola Hammarstedt, business manager at Zetup, highlights the close dialogue with CEVT and Zetup’s project model as key elements of a successful collaborative strategy.

”To establish a full picture of the business’s needs, we began a close dialogue with the heads of development at CEVT. Based on our project model, we then methodically designed a new IT platform together with CEVT’s IT department and external suppliers. The next challenge was to migrate the operations over to us, while at the same time ensuring that the IT environment remained available to all the engineers and developers at all times.”.

After the smooth migration came several activities aimed at gradually improving the quality and security of the IT environment. Today, CEVT has a stable and scalable IT platform that will also be able to meet future requirements as CEVT grows and shifts in focus. Few have any doubts now that this will be the case.

CEVT employs engineers, developers and technicians from over 20 different countries. With Zetup as their IT partner, they now have a substantially updated and stable IT environment that makes the development work run more smoothly and the development process up to the finished vehicle more efficient. For Zetup, the collaboration has shifted to a more advisory and proactive role, with a focus on continued development and efficiencies to keep pace with CEVT’s future growth.