Bräcke diakoni

During 2016, Bräcke diakoni chose to enter into a long-standing collaboration with Zetup as its new total supplier of IT. There was a successful project takeover, with Zetup taking over IT operations from an existing supplier. Together with Bräcke IT, Zetup will be responsible for handling the future development and streamlining of the IT environment as Bräcke diakoni grows.

Takeover, development and streamlining of IT environment

Bräcke diakoni was founded in 1923 and is now Sweden’s biggest charitable healthcare provider with more than 1,000 employees. With its vision of “A humane society”, it conducts numerous non-profit operations within healthcare in several locations around the country. The basic idea behind Bräcke diakoni is to provide help where help is needed. It believes that healthcare should be provided without profit in mind, and bases its activities on perceiving needs and having the power to make a change.

Bräcke diakoni has around 50 different operations, including healthcare centres, geriatric care facilities and hospices, psychiatry and rehabilitation centres, accommodation for unaccompanied children, rehab centres and even a health resort. In Bräcke diakoni’s strategy, there is a strong focus on the continued development of the quality and content of existing operations and also on continued growth in operating volume and geographical distribution.
In all of the foundation’s operations, it is important to have a stable and secure IT environment so that employees are able to deliver a high quality of care.

”Our aim is to be able to focus on our core business. IT is not part of this, but we obviously depend on having effective IT support that satisfies the needs of all of our operations. With high availability and good functions in our critical business systems, working days will become more efficient for our employees. When we started the dialogue with Zetup, we were facing several challenges. The IT environment did not live up to our requirements, and we also wanted to develop a platform to enable increased productivity and mobility,“, says William Lindh, IT Manager at Bräcke diakoni.

A scalable IT environment that provides support for continued growth

Bräcke diakoni’s technical IT environment was not optimal and the result of many years of growth. There were major maintenance requirements and the architecture, basic set-ups and IT security also needed to be developed. There were also deficiencies in procedures and documentation.

”We started by establishing a common understanding of aims for the takeover and all improvement projects. The aim was to make a major change to the technical environment and the underlying architecture to facilitate a reliable and cost-effective IT environment that supports the foundation’s future growth. We also wanted to ensure stable and controlled handling of the total IT environment. Partly of the basic infrastructure itself, but also of processes and procedures for handling incidents and changes in a controlled manner“, explains Ola Hammarstedt, Account Manager for Zetup.

The takeover was planned after gaining a deep understanding of the organisation’s requirements, with Servicedesk and management of the existing current IT environment being taken over by Zetup.
The takeover was based on Zetup’s project methodology, using a clear and straightforward plan with minimal impact on the working day for Bräcke diakoni’s employees.

”With Zetup’s established processes and procedures in place, we have had the opportunity to work with the existing and transferred IT environment for a period. The basic work on architecture and design for our new and customised IT platform has also started. The IT platform is a modern, robust and scalable environment and we look forward to it being in place before the end of 2017“, concludes William Lindh.