Lerum municipality

Lerum municipality has been investing in increasing digital learning long term since 2011. Schools and preschools use a variety of learning tools and platforms. One of the platforms is G Suite, which students and teachers and carers were able to access from the start of the 2015/16 academic year. Zetup, a Lerum municipality partner since 2009, was commissioned to introduce G Suite and the project was completed in record time in the space of a few weeks.

Record fast introduction of G Suite in schools in Lerum municipality

With needs in the schools and preschools and a long-term focus on quality and development as its starting point, one of Lerum municipality’s prioritised goals is to provide students and teachers with effective digital learning tools that make life at school run more smoothly.

During the 2015/16 academic year, it was decided to launch a digital development project to handle schools’ digital information more consistently and provide an opportunity for simpler and more effective communication, so benefitting the interaction between teachers and students.

The G Suite cloud service was selected as a learning platform for the municipality’s compulsory schools and preschools and Zetup was chosen to introduce it. Since 2009, Zetup has had a turnkey commitment to provide IT operation and maintenance for Lerum municipality and a number of successful change projects have been completed under this remit since that date. Magnus Blomberg, Technical Manager at Zetup, looks back at a project that posed a number of challenges.

“The service had to be introduced in the space of a few intense weeks, which is a record-tight deadline for a project this size from our perspective. Smooth and cost-effective introduction was another requirement. As G Suite is a flexible cloud service, we started running workshops straight away. Together with the municipality’s learning sector, we selected the G Suite elements that best matched schools’ needs.”

Better interaction, more enjoyable learning and lower costs

Zetup applied Best Practice in introducing G Suite. Zetup also made modifications for integration with Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager, which simplifies and synchronises identity management and provides high administrative security.

Magnus Blomberg highlights training enthusiastic Super Users and the training sessions then rolled out in the schools as being crucial to meeting the project’s tight deadline.

“Their commitment was hugely important to the success of the launch. A large number of teachers, head teachers, administrative staff and, last but not least, students all needed to get up and running with G Suite quickly. All the Super Users were incredibly skilled at training and at awakening huge interest in the new tool”.

G Suite has given the schools in Lerum municipality a modern and inspiring learning platform that facilitates communication between classes and student groups. It saves time and cuts costs, enabling teachers to devote more time to teaching and less to administration.

The way Zetup helped by introducing Chromebooks instead of laptops also provided cost savings. Chromebook is a thin client that can only be used with cloud services. As far as the municipality’s IT unit is concerned, this means less time needs to be spent on IT support and a reduction in total IT costs over using ordinary laptops.