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Zetup is a full-service IT provider with a focus on efficiency enhancement. At Zetup we take on all assignments with the same enthusiasm, and our strong commitment and extensive knowledge ensure that we make a difference. Every day. Would you like to help us make a difference?

Working at Zetup

Out of all Zetup’s resources it’s us, the people, that are the most important. We see each of our assignments as collective tasks. Working as a team comes naturally to us and creates a secure, relaxed atmosphere for us and our clients. Then there is the bonus of gaining access to all of Zetup’s cutting-edge expertise and strengths.
We’re currently a team of 100 people who have fun, inside and outside work. We strive to achieve our goals together and we celebrate our success together too.

Our assignments are as varied as our clients. Some of the areas we cover include outsourcing, cloud services and application management.

Working at Zetup is about understanding our clients’ businesses, and about storage, backup, networks and databases. It’s about supporting clients and colleagues, and planning and project management. We do this with one aim in mind – to bring real benefits to our clients. As part of this approach, we always try to see how each assignment fits into the bigger picture. It’s not just about doing a good job; it’s about seeking new, smarter solutions to the problems we are faced with.

Technology and the world around us are constantly changing and developing. Working at Zetup, it’s important to be flexible, keen to take on new challenges and willing to learn new things.

We develop our personal skills by being willing and allowed to challenge ourselves, and to take on slightly trickier and more complex tasks. Working at Zetup offers plenty of opportunities but makes ambitious demands in return. At Zetup there are no obstacles to how far you can go or how quickly.